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We Built It and They Came

About 15 neighborhood kids showed up to try out the new features before we even had a chance to finish. They've been bringing their bikes here several days a week and couldn't wait to ride the new skinnies, teeter, and tire obstacles. More features for all levels of riders will be added as time, supplies, and equipment allow.

Special thanks to our volunteers who brought their heavy equipment to make the work a whole lot more productive. They worked until dark on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday cutting, digging, pulling, dragging, and moving tons of dirt, rocks, and mulch.

Visit Magee Park in Prescott to check out our progress. Take your dog on a walk on the newly cleared trails or bring a mountain bike and try out the new features at the skills park. We're not close to finished, but we're making progress one afternoon at a time.

Want to help next time? We’ll be scheduling another work day soon. Stay tuned!

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