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Double Your Donation Up to $15K

In partnership with Landmark Conservancy, we are excited to offer a special opportunity to double the impact of your generosity. All donations given to Landmark Conservancy for the acquisition of Pine Coulee will be doubled up to $15,000!

Visit the special giveBIG St. Croix campaign page to donate through April 30 for this special dollar for dollar matching opportunity to protect Pine Coulee in Prescott, Wisconsin. 

With support from the community, Landmark Conservancy will purchase this 76- acre property protect the unique resources of Pine Coulee and its associated ecological communities and make the area available to the public for nature-based outdoor activities. Securing Pine Coulee takes an immediate step in providing a place for walking and biking trails and a community trail system.   

Located near the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers, Pine Coulee and its scenic rocky “gorge” are the result of natural processes at work over the millennium. Erosional forces, which are still at work today, sculpted Pine Coulee from the surrounding landscape leaving behind a glimpse of our region’s underlying geology and natural history. Biodiversity often begins below the surface, where geology gives rise to the diverse ecological communities and species assemblages we find today and hope to protect for the future.   

Partners involved in the planning, acquisition, and future management of Pine Coulee include Landmark Conservancy, Freedom Park Great River Road Visitor Center, the National Park Service, the City of Prescott, and Coulee River Trails. Our collective goals are to make the property available to the community, improve visitor access through select infrastructure investment while protecting the resource, and continue to develop planned trail connections with the community.  

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