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What Could the Coulee Rivers Trails System Look Like?

This map is part of the 2021 revision to the City of Prescott’s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP).

As explained on the city’s website, the lines on this map indicate trail desire lines: areas where non‐motorized trails or paths are desired for recreation and/or non‐motorized transportation. They do not indicate exact future trail alignments. Trail alignments will be determined through phased planning and design processes that will involve public input.

These trail desire lines indicate the major trail corridors that form the planned hard surface loop system. It is intended that, where feasible, a variety of shorter looped trails will be developed that lead from the main trail at recreational nodes that are available to the public, such as at Magee Park. These shorter loops are not shown on the map and will only be added when feasible.

To view more detailed trail maps and the approved concept plan for Magee Park (CRT Zone 3), visit the city’s website.

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