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Blue Trail Is Ready to Ride

The blue trail at Magee Park is ready to ride! This intermediate level trail has a couple of steep slopes and big berms, so only ride if you have the skills to navigate those drops.

As always, wait until it’s dry to give it a try.

The trail is optimized for mountain bikes (MTB), but is a multi use trail—run, ride, hike. Please follow standard trail etiquette when enjoying it: yield to those going faster than you and announce yourself if you want to pass.

Our trail volunteers will be adding permanent signage and making improvements in the weeks to come. But we’re very excited about the fantastic and fast work that the Trail Source crew did over the course of 8 days to make our dreams come true.

This 0.7 mile section of trail is the first part in what we hope will become a 14+ mile trail system connecting corridors in the ravines of the Pine Coulee watershed.

Thank you City of Prescott, WI, for your ongoing partnership and support of this phenomenal community asset!

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